Business Contract

All of our rides are VIP Solo so I want to confirm dates before booking as our transport calendar fills up quickly. Thank you for the consistent income and allowing me to provide for my son :)

Our prices are determined by a formula that takes into account mileage, food, hotel, gas, and our labor. We are not the cheapest, and we do not match prices. However, we pledge quality and value and our prices reflect that. Read our reviews to see the quality we have already provided for so many!

Animals will be given a new harness if one is not provided. This is so none are reused. ALL HARNESSES ARE NEW AND ONLY USED WITH YOUR ANIMAL. This is included in the price. 

We love animals and travel, so know that this business is not just work for us :)

We use Life360 for GPS tracking so be sure to download it and keep up with us and your furry friends!

We travel in a 2016 Nissan Rouge and use crates, leashes, and snacks for comfortable, easy transports. 

Upon acceptance of my bid I ask for the following: 

  1. Disclosure of all information regarding pick-up and delivery pertainting to the pet or items to be delivered. 1 medium sized tote is excepted per animal. NO EXTRA ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED UPON MEETUP. This causes issues regarding comfortability for your pet during transport. 
  2. All contact information for all parties (pick-up, delivery, and any third party involvement) including phone nuumbers, e-mails, and addresses is due WITHIN AN HOUR of accepted booking. 
  3. Special care instructions for pets is very appreciated. Any non-disclosure of medical conditions or aggression will result in immediate cancellation of transport with no refund.
  4. Animals must be bathed before pick-up. 
  5. As per USDA regulations, ALL ANIMALS MUST BE MINIMUM OF 8 WEEKS OLD AT TIME OF TRANSPORT! THEY MUST BE UP TO DATE WITH RABIES VACCINE (i.e. the shot record is less than a year old) and will be transported in USDA approved crates. Any falsification of age or vaccine status will be grounds for immediate cancellation with no refund of deposit.
  6.  All extra charges incurred by the transporters (i.e. special foods, tolls, or any item above and beyond what is listed and aggreed upon) will be charged in addition to the bid and paid upon delivery.
  7. A 65% deposit paid once the booking is accepted. For payment, we use direct billing through invoice and Facebook Pay. (With invoice, there is a 3.9% processing fee) The other 35% will be paid upon pick-up. ALL PAYMENTS AT DELIVERY MUST BE CASH. If other arrangements are needed, they will be discussed on case-by-case basis. 
  8. Any trip over 1000 miles will have a 10% travel charge added automatically. 
  9.  Transports under $400 must be paid in full once the booking is accepted. This is to ensure a hotel and proper care can be arranged for transporters and animals. This is per USDA regulations. 
  10. If you decide during transport that you wish to cancel, you will be held responsible for any and all electronic billing fees (i.e tolls), and nonrefundable costs (i.e hotels as they are booked in advance). Cancellation up to 48 hours previous has a 15% cancellation fee. 48 hours to 24 hours receive a 50% cancellation fee. 24 hours and under cancellation are considered same day cancellation and receive no refund. 
  11.  If we are unable at any point to complete your transport, you will recieve a 100% refund. 
  12. No animal will be released upon pick-up until full payment has been made. 

IMPORTANT! My ETA is ESTIMATED! We have to allow for traffic, stops, road conditions, rest, weather, accidents and safety. We understand you would like your pets ASAP, but first and foremost we want to get them to you SAFE, HEALTHY, and CALM. We stop approximately every 2-3 hours to allow the pet to relax and relieve themselves and each night for 8-10 hours to eliminate each days travel stress and fatigue. Please always feel free to contact us. We send consistent updates through text, can speak by call, and even send photos and videos. We take this business very seriously. Your time, as well as ours is just as valuable as the animal being transported. We keep our customers well informed during all transportations and appreciate consideration for the time we are taking to drive and tend to your animals needs along the way. 


This business was started by me with my 19 year old autistic son. He is very good with animals and is learning amazing life skills through this business. In addition to being a dream job for both of us, A K n K Sensations is a business I intend to hand down to my son that he can excell at when he becomes self sufficient. We take all business very seriously and only want the best for you and your furry companions. 

Thank you and we look forward to working with you :)

-Jamil and Kameron
   A K n K Sensational

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