About A K n K Sensational

Transporting Happy Animals Since March 2023

• 2023 •

Jamil Heck


Jamil is a 51 year old Texas native with a heart for animals and a love for travel. These two attributes combined led to a lot of research in what became a life calling. His other interests include computers, gaming, cooking, and spending time with his family. 

Jamil takes care of the driving and business fronts, providing easy customer communication and smooth transports.

Kameron Heck


Kameron is 19 years old and autistic. Through this business, he is learning major life skills combining a lifelong love for animals and an introduction to business. Kameron is also an avid gamer and artist, steak connoisseur, and appreciator 
of bright city lights against a night sky. 

Kameron takes care of navigation and animal reasurance, providing animals with an easy mind and smooth travel. 

March 8, 2023

Indiana to South Carolina







Our First Job

What could be a vacation trip for most lit a fire for a business for us. We named the kitten Lelu (her demeanor very similar to the confused and curious character from the film Fifth Element) and made sure she was comfortable and loved. 

We learned so much on this trip and were able to appreciate the travel as well as the connection we were able to make with Lelu and her new parents. 

Through our experience with Lelu and where we are now, we have created a contract that develops a clear and friendly relationship between us and our customers while providing equal protections and expectations during transports. 

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With a growing business, sometimes you need a little help. Thankfully, A K n K has family. 
PRN transporter is delegated as "as needed" staff. 

Charlene Heck (behind) and Kelsi Heck (front) help with pick-ups and deliveries. Charlene is also acting secretary, providing Jamil with help in decision making. Kelsi is part of the art department and designed the website you are using now!

June 1, 2023

Over 20 Animals Delivered So Far!

We treat your animals with the love and care we would treat our own!

During each transport we provide consistent updates to provide you with a stress free transport. This includes pictures, videos and text updates. We only stay in pet friendly hotels so your pets are always welcome wherever we go. 

We are USDA Licensed and Certified. You can search A K n K Sensational on the USDA-Licensed Animal Welfare Act Professionals official webage or we can provide proof at request. As such, we stick very closely to USDA regulations to make sure your pet is as safe as possible. 

We are also a verified company through Hauling Buddies, a website dedicated to providing reliable and trustworthy animal transports. Check out our profile here!

We Now Have Discounts!

We understand the stress of transporting your animals is hard enough without financial burdens. Therefore, after figuring out your bid amount ($0.82 x mile), we offer several discounts for different circumstances. 

MILITARY DISCOUNTS: For our military customers, we offer a $0.05 discount ($0.77 x mile). 
*Disclaimer: Those who claim this discount will be asked to provide proof. 

PAYING UPFRONT: As noted in our contract, a 65% deposit paid once the booking is accepted. For those who are able to pay the entire bid amount at acceptance, we offer a $0.04 discount ($0.78 x mile). 

PREVIOUS CUSTOMER DISCOUNTS: If you have booked with us before, we would first like to say thank you very much and we're happy to see you again! Our past friends are able to receive a $0.10 discount ($0.72 x mile). 

REFERRAL DISCOUNT: With past customers already in our arsenal (check our "Review" tab to see what others have had to say), we now offer a $0.03 discount ($0.79 x mile) to new customers who have been referred to us!

A reciept will be given at pick-up and drop off as physical documentation for your protection and ours. 

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